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[Powderworks] US Media

Matthew Marzullo mmarzullo@usa.com
Fri, 18 Oct 2002 09:20:11 -0500


I haven't posted here in while, but this talk about the US media has prompted me make a few comments. First of all, let me state that regarding the events in Bali, there was ample coverage in my local newspaper, as well as on Fox News (cable) and on the radio. 

That said, if anyone has closely followed what has been going on in US politics, then you know that the Democrat party has been trying to limit Bush's war efforts over the past few months. Whether you belive this is justified or not, it's a fact.      

With this in mind, let's also consider the fact that the major US television networks (ABC, CBS, NBC) present the news with a liberal bias.  Remember, the networks did not even televise Bush's speech to the nation in which he laid out his reasons for wanting to take military action against Iraq. The Democrats admonished Bush repeatedly to take the issue before the American people and publically make his case.  So, what happened?  The networks were too concerned about ratings and deemed Drew Carey (or whatever tripe sit-coms are on Monday nights) as more important than the President's speech.  Are you kidding me?  Whether you like Bush or not, I would think you'd have to agree that this is ridiculous.  Not everyone has cable TV.

So, given that the major networks are largely left-leaning and didn't bother to televise an important speech made by the President, then it comes as no surprise to me that the networks wouldn't find more time in their respective broadcasts to cover an act of terrorism (Bali) that could possibly help to strengthen the President's resolve to take military action.  

Then there is the issue of Americans not caring much about what goes on in the rest of the world.  That, sadly, is true.  What you then have is a recipe for slanted media coverage.  If only a few Americans got hurt in Bali (forget about the Australians and others), then the news reporting agency can pass off the whole thing as a minor event, and as a result, nothing the US should take action (militarily) against.    

Let's just face it...liberal or conservative, the media politicizes its coverage of the news.  If you watched the network coverage of the events in Bali, then the hypothesis I laid out may not be too far off the mark.  A convervative news agency would likely report things differently (especially when it comes to Israel and Palestine). The difference is glaring. So, you need to consider the source, because the US media is no longer objective--it's largely biased and self-serving...

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