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SV: [Powderworks] [Fwd: Coverage of Bali in the US media...]

Björn Blomquist bjorn.blomquist@mbox301.swipnet.se
Fri, 18 Oct 2002 13:07:43 +0200

> Workers,
> My brother studies in NYC, and he comes from Melbourne and is 
> Australian. He wrote the message below. He feels extremely 
> let down by the US media in its coverage of the Bali 
> bombings... please forward on, so some people get the real news. Craig

I'm not surprised at all. "If it's happening outside US, then it's not
The media obviously makes a big difference between America and the rest
of the world.

After the 9/11 events, people everywhere around the world should mourn
and feel sorry for what happened in New York. For example, in Sweden
flags were hauled "halfpole" (or whatever you call it), and the
government and other official places had "silent minutes" for the
Am I wrong in thinking that if the same thing has happened, let's say,
somewhere in Europe, in America you wouldn't do the same thing? I don't
think so. You wouldn't. Maybe you now understand better why so many
people in the world hate the United States. Sometimes it feels like the
whole world depends on what happens in the US - and heck, very often it

Concerning the Bali attacks, it has actually been well covered in
Swedish media, but partly because there were a few Swedes hurt and
killed there... Probably there were some Americans too, so it's time for
you to haul down your flags and be silent for the victims of Bali. Now!