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[Powderworks] LMOC: One Country or 51st State of the US?

Oils21@aol.com Oils21@aol.com
Thu, 17 Oct 2002 11:39:58 -0400

I totally agree with this.  Nobody is forcing anyone to make any of these choices. The reason American business has been so successful is because of its ability to satisfy consumer demand throughout the world.  If people In Australia or anywhere want to eat McDonald's, then they should be allowed and able to.   Why should they be denied this desire because they do not live in the US or McDonald's and Starbucks are not from their country. Is choice not one of the anchors of a truly free society?  Denying something that people want on any grounds is wrong.

Reporting high atop midtown Manhattan.



In a message dated 10/16/2002 6:37:45 PM Eastern Standard Time, cjake@pipeline.com writes:

> The other items, all presented as an American cultural invasion, are 
> choices made by Australian consumers, not something forced upon them. 
> If I can avoid all of the above living a few miles from midtown New 
> York, and also avoid the ubiquitous McDonalds, I'm not sure 
> why those in 
> other countries can't as well.