Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] M-One Melbourne

[name removed] example@example.com
Tue, 15 Oct 2002 17:35:40 +1000

M-One Melbourne sure was something i guess, i could kill that Hirst
fellow who said "get there early, there is lots of good stuff worth
checking out!, you should be more open minded Damien".
   So anyway i drag Magnaus and my old friend Josh there at 12:30pm
knowing damn well the Oils start at 9:00pm. The first band are just
finishing as i begin to think we are at the wrong place and have
in fact walked into the musical/theatre production of Scare Face, and
that the lead singers of each band are auditioning for the Al Pachino
role because they all seem to be saying "you Fuckin, Fuck you know
what i'm going to Fuckin do to you if you go to the Fuckin powder
room while i Fuckin play my Fuckin guitar!. Every band participates in
this ritual except the Oils because i guess Pete figured he already
put in a good performance all those years ago at the Royal Antler, and
the part was surely his.
   The other people present at the concert where either from Altona
(bogan Melb. suburb) or got of a few bus loads from 1987!, and maybe
one or two from 1984 too.
   All the bands were cock rock, especially Nicklefuck (great name there
Magnaus!). I did enjoy the Whitlam's (welcome melody relief early),
then Garbage and The Oils, Shirley from Garbage said before their last
song "we really want to thank Midnight Oil for looking after us while
were here and treating us so good, and also for keeping us entertained
every night after we perform".

        the oils set was in who knows what order:

                  Redneck Wonderland
                  Too Much Sunshine
                  Us Forces
                  Short Memory
                  Luritja Way
                  Dead Heart
                  Beds Are Burning
                  Blue Sky Mine
                  King Of The Mountain
                  Golden Age
                  Read About It

          see ya my cock rockin pals,

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