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[Powderworks] pics from m-one melbourne

Jeff & Louise jefflou@bigpond.com
Mon, 14 Oct 2002 22:55:43 +1000

Great Pics, Magnus.

Oils put on a good show. The had just started to fly when they hit 'read
about it'......and then it was all over.
Looking forward to the Forum to provide that extra hour of power!

Hope people caught the Oils stuff on Foxtel tonight. Had footage I had never
seen before.

P.S. Someone on this list who's close to the band needs to take Jim aside
and chat to him re the beard. Apart from the gifted guitar work, he looked
as old and as out of place as the guitarist from Default! (yes I know, my
insignificant opinion, shared by many at the gig)

Jeff M (melb)

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I scanned the pictures that turned out best and put them here:



PS. Melbourne shows are on sale from Ticketek!

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