Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] m-one melbourne

Magnus Holmgren oznut@swipnet.se
Sun, 13 Oct 2002 12:46:23 +0200


I went to this really good, like, festival yesterday! It was so cool! Someone said it was cock-rock but I reckon it must have been coke-rock, since they were talking a lot about coke. All my favourite bands from Canada played like Tea Party, Simple Plan and "fuckin' fuck-fuck Nickelfuck" or at least that's what they said they were called.

At the end though some old melodies-band called Midnight Oil played and although some people seemed to enjoy it very much, with a lot of crowd surfing going on, I didn't quite like it. Even my friend who is also 15 years old liked them but I told him to get fucked because that's what I learnt from all the great bands that played!

I'm gonna go home now and listen to my dad's Billy 'fuckin' Idol albums cause I reckon he was really good as well, but I'd better not tell anyone that cause my friends might think I'm a loser if I admit to liking him!

Oh yeah, my fav WWA wrestler Big Poppa Pump was also there so how cool was this festival??

/typical m-one kid

PS. Yes workers, it was pretty bad. But the Oils put on a great show and there were a couple of us right up the front. Damien even started the Oils chant and the kids followed. That was pretty cool. Lots and lots of crowd surfing going on and we jumped and screamed hard enough to get the band pretty fired up. It was a nice appetizer for the real shows coming up in a couple of weeks!


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