Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] NMOC: Bugbear Virus showed up again!!!

Tim Hunter tim.hunter@eircom.net
Tue, 8 Oct 2002 04:00:56 +0100

I realize this is a bit nit-picky, but if you received a message with the
bugbear virus, it didn't come from the list directly.  More likely from
another powderworks member who has your address.  The list software asks me
to approve any posting over 40k, and the bugbear attachment is 67k.

Speaking of which, I'm behind on the moderation queue again.  For those of
you who are having trouble posting, please try subscribing (with the
'nomail' option) any other email addresses you might be posting from, other
than the address you're subscribed under.  I know I shouldn't be so lazy,
but I'm afraid that's pretty much the way it is.

Lazy List Admin

PS: I'd be a lot more inspired if the Oils were to play Dublin next time
    they're in these parts :)

PPS: I don't resent the info Michael provided on bugbear.  As an ISP
     employee, it's certainly a pain in my rear as well...

On 06 October 2002 at 22:03, Michael Devall wrote:

  #Another message came up through Powderworks containing the Bugbear
  #Virus.  This is the second one that came up.  At least for us we have
  #Norton AntiVirus which picked it up through the e-mail ahead of time.  I
  #would suggest to people to make sure that any e-mail you send does not
  #contain any viruses that could harm other computers.  A virus like
  #Bugbear can allow hackers to access other computers remotely, and will
  #probably come up again through the next few months.  Be very careful
  #checking e-mails, especially ones containing the subjects like "bad
  #news" or "your gift," etc which may carry the Bugbear Virus.  For more
  #information about the virus please visit www.norton.com or
  #www.symantec.com.  Thank you for your time and cooperation.