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[Powderworks] Byron report, night 2

mpien mpien@froggy.com.au
Fri, 4 Oct 2002 19:59:48 +1000

That gig was an absolute gem, i scored a setlist and a stick, which Rob
practically handed to me, what a legend!!!
Peter also talked about the excitement he felt about playing at M1 in
brisbane with Billy Idol. He said words to the effect of, "We're really
excited about playing with Billy Idol.....", in a very cynical tone. He also
gave a rant about how little Johny tends to automatically side with anything
Mr. Bush and Washington want/feel like doing. A really unexpected list of
songs with a fair bit of the backcatalog, a great gig on a small, intimate
little stage. I'd rate the performance up there with the Byron blues fest
gig, it was bloody fantastic, they guys really seemed to be enjoying
themselves. I asked one of the roadies to get Rob to sign my stick, but
apparently he was feelin a bit crook with a virus, and left as soon as the
gig was over.
It was great to meet Nathan & Jill, the fella up front with me from the
Beenleigh gig a couple of years back, and the other blokes from Brisbane,
sorry guys have forgotten your names.....I got short memory.


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> A very nice gig. Pete mainly talked about the insanity
> of bombing innocent iraqi's and destroying what
> forests are still left standing intact.
> A nice varied setlist and mellow crowd.
> A big hello to workers Kristi, Seweryn and Kev.
> A gratuitious use of "A" to start a sentence.
> A crocodile cries
> been away too long
> stars of warburton
> under the overpass
> too much sunshine
> lucky country
> luritja way
> arctic world
> warakurna
> e beat
> beds are burning
> one country
> blot
> progress
> river runs red
> king of the mountain
> tone poem
> dreamworld
> world that i see
> blue sky mine
> sometimes
> Here's to night 3!!!
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