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[Powderworks] TT report night 1

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An Oils setlist doesn't get much better than that!

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Tonight was amazing. I dunno if theres ever been a gig like this or if there ever will be again, all i know is that it was my 2nd show ever and it was
The setlist were ripped up and replaced just before the band came on and nathan yell across to me somthing bout that they were gunna  play the first
Any way it was a cracker of a setlist they played songs in chronological (thats a big word this time of night) order of years they came out, i ended
up getting one at the end. They didn't take any requests but i had a piece of paper ready to throw up there anyway. I had surfin with a spoon on it
and since we were feeling really dehidrated i wrote "could i please have some water??? (thirsty)" At the bottom.
I chucked it at petes feet and he picked it up and read it into the mic, laughed and said somthing about maybe the security guards could get us a
drink. Later i did a drinking motion to pete and he just mouthed "wait". He never did get me a ! drink but hey i lived. Another highlight was when he
came down off the stage during kosciosko to get up this guy who was shoving mark. He checked to see if mark was ok and straightened the guy out then
wen he got back up said somthing about respecting otheres.
Only let down was the last encore didn't get played. Maybe due to the fact the vocals seemed turned right down i dunno.
Anyway heres the set list.

Run by night
Cold cold change
Bus to bondi
No time for games
Don't wanna be the one
Lucky country
US forces
Short memory
Best of Both Worlds
Dead Heart
Beds are burning
Blue Sky mine
King of the Mountain
My Country
One too many Times
Surfs Up tonight
What goes on
Redneck Wonderland

The setlist also had Golden age and too much sunshine written on there but neight got played.
Another thing there was a fight broke out b4 the band came on right near us.
Anyway its 2am i'm sorry if this is full of mistakes and or makes no sense but i'm tired and i gtg get some sleep for tommrow night
Night to meet everyone i met seeyas tommorrow.

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