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[Powderworks] Rumours (was MMM)

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I can't say much about this except I've heard the rumours before at the end of long tours, and the oils generally go have a break and then get back together after 6-12 months to see what's happening and take it from there.

The general consensus back stage in melb, unless they were playing the cards real close to their chests, was that they needed to rest up after a long tour and that was why Europe was pulled. Everyone seemed to be getting along fine. I've never seen them that relaxed and happy.

Then there was talk in interviews about another album next year.....

...maybe that would be their last! :-P

PS: lets hope not
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> God, don't let it be the last!  I've been wondering the same thing myself, and I really, really hope it isn't, but I would understand.  If they've got to go out, go out on top, right?  They were incredible here in the states, and it sounds like it has been amazing there in their home territory as well.  I've strongly considered over the last few weeks taking out a loan just so I could fly over and catch the last few shows because I was worried about a possible end.  Here's to hoping we're all just jumping the gun!
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