Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] 60 Mins

Jim Macdonald jsmacdonaldjr@yahoo.com
Sun, 17 Nov 2002 16:31:59 -0800 (PST)

> The consequences are systematically underestimated, and they are also 
> systematically reassigned to people who realized little or no benefit from 
> the failure to contain profligate environmental damage from the 
> outset.  That isn't cost savings, that is Robin Hood in high speed reverse 
> gear.
> Best to all,
> Kate


I completely agree with you.  I'm not a scientist nor an economist, and so I tend to
stay out of the pretense of being one.  However, what I don't stay out of is the use
of the word "science" to make arguments which are essentially ethical.  That's where
I step in.  Both the left and the right grossly use "science" as their whore to make
their arguments somehow more legitimate.  I'm even angrier at the right for it
because their policies don't enrich anybody but their friends at the country club.

When I get out of this place I work now, I'll have a book's worth of material to
write about how this game is played inside of the think tanks.  I don't know how
many times at work someone's plan to show more respect for the arguments of the
other side has been shot down by the President of the institute.  He says, "We don't
need to give them any free advertising; they sure as heck aren't giving us any."

It's a crooked game, and it's not about science, and it's not about ethics...it's
all rhetoric on both sides.  Even though there are scientists working on these
issues, most of them then draw conclusions well beyond the reach of their science
and draw fallacious inferences that always tilt toward whatever interest is paying
the bills.

It's funny that you used the "Robin Hood" analogy because I've used this analogy
with my liberal friends, who wonder how I can work for an evil think tank and live
with myself.  I've told them repeatedly that I feel like Robin Hood.  I take from
the rich and give to myself and spend any spare moment at work I can making
connections that hopefully in the end will undermine their work.  However, I've
nearly reached the end of my rope in respect to that, and I need to get cracking on
a more fulfilling job.

So we came and we conquered and found 
Riches of commons and kings 
Who strangled and wrestled the ground 
But they never put back anything 
Now I'm trapped like a dog in a cage 
Wherever the truth is pursued 
It must be the curse of the age 
What's taken is never renewed


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