Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Midnight Oil's influence

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Thu, 14 Nov 2002 17:31:59 +1100

I think there are a lot of big bands that see the Oils as a major
influence. Without a doubt The Beatles are the band that almost
everyone puts at the top of their lists (though if i were to pick
a brit pop band i would go with the Kinks and the Who personally).
In regards to big bands being influenced by the Oils i think the next
generation of groups is just starting to show up on the scene, who
were growing up listening to the oily ones!. I have heard Smashing
Pumpkins say that the oils are a huge influence (just listen to their
Ava Adore and the Oils Star Of Hope, and you will see what i mean).
Pearl Jam have also said similar things (and they also love Split Enz
too!). The Living End are very huge fans of the Oils (every interview
i read with Chris Cheney these days says how much he has been
listening to 10,2,1 for songwriting and arrangement tips). Silverchair
(in a recent Aus Rolling Stone magazine Daniel named 10,2,1 as the
greatest album of the 1980's, and then there's the Jim Mogenius comment
on the sleeve of their Neon Ballroom album!). There's Powderfinger too
and so on, so i think in years to come there will be more and more.
And i know when i read some of the old rock mags i have dating back
1978 most O/S bands touring at the time mention the Oils as the most
amazing band they have seen eg. The Ramones, Pretenders, Jello Biafra,
Garbage did a big rant about them at the Melbourne M One gig etc...

              Just my 2cents worth,

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