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[Powderworks] Powderpolitics

curtis carter arcticbstrd@netscape.net
Thu, 07 Nov 2002 07:59:55 -0500

Hey...I know a great forum for discussing politics...wow, it's the 
powderworks mailing list!  funny that eh?

Glitch wrote:

>Hey all,
>There is a great forum for discussing politics on the powderpolitics list.
>I believe it is the wishes of most to have political stuff kept only on that
>forum.  Let's move all this stuff over there, shall we?
>Tammy Cripps: your discussion of "What do you think about USA" would
>definitely be more appropriate on powderpolitics.  We have had that
>discussion on powderworks one too many times and I think there are many who
>don't want to have it there again.
>You can join by sending an email to
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