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[Powderworks] the aftermath

Randy Van Vliet bigdaddyrv@yahoo.com
Wed, 6 Nov 2002 14:55:56 -0800 (PST)

While I also am dismayed by the current election
results, Have some faith in the American people, dude!

I agree that the American system has been failing for
years.  But, sometimes you have to hit bottom before
you get back up.  Perpaps this is the bottom (I HOPE
so, I don't know if I can take much more).  There are
small pockets of success.  In my small town we had a
city council dominated by people so beholden to a
certain developer that several of his pet projects
were rushed through with out public input or a even
EIR's.  So, we worked hard to develop alternative
candidates and today our city council is much more
independent.  Work hard for change and it just might
surprise you what you can do.  Just don't give up.  

--- Eel Bonjack <scissormansnip@yahoo.com> wrote:
> It is a dark day for democracy, for freedom in the
> world's biggest superpower. Apparently, Republicans
> are going to be in control of Congress, and there
> will
> be no balance of power. Our so called "President's"
> administration is a joke, but not a funny one.
> Apparently, his tactic of trying to invade a third
> world country just to get more oil and to look
> patriotic has worked. IT divided and conquered the
> Democrats (who are no good themselves) and our
> stupid
> media makes him look like a hero for it. I'm sure
> many
> of you in other countries have a different angle. 
> Well I must echo again and again, that he is as
> idiotic and as dangerous as ever, and even more
> emphatically, NOT MY PRESIDENT. He is the first
> American dictator, and I don't mean this
> rhetorically.
> He was NOT democratically elected, yet this time
> around, his manipulation worked differently, and all
> too well. I underestimated the intelligence of the
> American public when I thought most people would see
> right through it (Why has Enron disappeared off the
> front page?) Our system of democracy, of checks and
> balances is now dead, it has now failed and
> malfunctioned. It has been sick for years, granted,
> but now its flatlining. Bush will not stop;slowly
> but
> surely, he will take away more freedom of
> expression,
> kill everybody who disagrees with him, and it will
> happen right before our very eyes, subtly but
> effectively.
> Its better to die on your feet than to live on your
> knees.
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> "Stories are the most important thing in the world.
> Without stories, we would be nothing at all."
> -Philip Pullman
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