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[Powderworks] Reasons and reactions

Peter Scott Poitras pete.poitras@the-spa.com
Sun, 3 Nov 2002 19:59:07 -0500

In my opinion, getting your ticket price back is nice, but are you getting
back the handling price for each one?  And what about people who immediately
put great effort into organizing a trip to get to these shows, ie Maurice
buying airline tickets.  It almost seems bad form to me that the shows were
cancelled SO SOON after they went on sale.  Not pointing fingers or aiming
blame, just saying that the appearance is somewhat unflattering on the
organization of the Euro tour, for whatever reason, and it surely would have
been nice to hear why.  Not that us as fans are entitled to all sorts of
personal facts, but as someone else said, "for personal reasons" would have
been acceptable to most.


PS - Don't forget, Tree-O-Rama ends Tuesday...

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> on 11/2/02 2:45 AM, Jeff & Louise at jefflou@bigpond.com wrote:
> > It seems like it was worth writing, and dispite the disappointment that
> > with the Oils not touring Europe at present, the good thing that comes
> > of this is that the role and rights of the 'fan' are put in perspective.
> >
> > If the Oils had been guided by their fans, they wouldn't have survived
> > long or produced the breath of albums they have to date.
> >
> > There are so many different scenarios that could have caused this
> > cancellation. What caused the cancellation is not necessarily ours to
> > which avoids apportionment of blame on individuals, events etc.
> >
> > The fact of the matter is that the Oils have made a decision not to go
> > with the tour at present.
> > Let's respect that the decision is theirs to make, and that they will
> > hopefully see the Euroworkers soon.
> >
> > Jeff M (Melbourne)
> >
> >
> I pretty much agree.  I don't think it is worth the effort to get mad over
> this cancellation.  Disappointment is obviously a natural reaction.
> It appears that everyone is being refunded.  Also, I think that after all
> the good will the band has shown toward fans over the decades, they
> definitely deserve the presumption that their hearts are in the right
> So, since people are being refunded, and the bandmembers are not our
> personal friends, we are not entitled to an explanation.  We should not be
> demanding one.
> -Jim
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