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[Powderworks] Reasons and reactions

afromme@gmx.de afromme@gmx.de
Fri, 1 Nov 2002 16:13:24 +0100 (MET)

OK - fair enough, here's my complete original email to Arlene Brookes, so
everybody can make up their minds whether I was being too rude:
(I wrote this so I guess it's OK to post it.)

> >Dear Arlene Brookes -
> > 
> > as a number of other people, I would very much like to know why it is
> > that
> > (for the 2nd year running) Midnight Oil cancelled their European dates
> > (while still intending to play their November gigs in Australia).
> > Especially at such short notice, with the full list of dates only having
> > been published on your website about 36 hours ago.
> > 
> > With the grade of anticipation the long-awaited announcement of European
> > tour dates has created with the Oils' European fans, this is, as you can
> > imagine, the biggest possible disappointment (bar a show being cancelled
> > on the day it was supposed to happen, of course). Particularly so as no
reasons for
> > the cancellation at short notice are given, nor is there any mention of
> > compensation for this in the future.
> > So in short, everything looks pretty bleak and disappointing for MO's
> > European fans at the moment.
> > 
> > I do hope you can shed some light into this.
> > 
> > Best wishes,
> > 
> > André Fromme

[Now, of course, you can still go and say that I completely made up Gary's
response and/or his tone.]

BTW - I was not bashing him on this list, nor was it my intention to start a
Gary Morris-bashing. I just passed on this bit of info (and not very
lightheartedly and thoughtlessly, either, as I already pointed out).

As to my personal opinion and reaction - I did send out an email to him,
apologizing for any possibly hurtful or rude impression that my email has left
with him, Mrs Brookes or the band, and trying to clarify that I still think
that at least some words of consolidation would do a lot of good to the
disappointed fans and are therefore not really too demanding a thing to ask for.
(Plus I made it perfectly clear that nobody really expects him to give a fully
detailed account of who did what and what personal, financial or whatever
reasons are behind this cancellation. But a little more than "Unfortunately the
European tour has been cancelled." would be nice.)
This email was so polite in tone that it was on the brink of being slimy.

OK, so now I do hope I have completed the picture somehow.



> >From reading this post there seems to be a fair bit of bashing going on
> (both ways), probably understandably, but it's still bashing. Judging Gary
> on one persons response (when we have no idea as to the 'tone' of the
> original enquiry) seems like bashing to me.
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