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[Powderworks] Reasons and reactions

Oils21@aol.com Oils21@aol.com
Fri, 01 Nov 2002 09:11:35 -0500

In a message dated Fri, 1 Nov 2002 14:34:31 +0100 (MET), afromme@gmx.de writes:

> He also expressed his feeling that in fact he didn't think I personally and
> I as a fan had much of a right to even ASK for reasons and 
> he considered
> this
> a little too "demanding".

I disagree with Gary Morris here, especially considering the fact that a lot of people had actually paid money for their tickets already.  If it had simply been a rumored tour that never materialized then perhaps a fan has no right to question the decision.  However, once you tell somebody you are going to visit and they start making arrangements and expenditures to see you and you suddenly back out, don't you think they have a little bit of a right to know why? I understand they may have "personal" reasons but they could at least say the cancellation is due to "personal" issues.  To tell someone that they have no right to ask why you are not doing something you had said you were is wrong. 


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