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[Powderworks] German Capricornia

larrikin larrikin@lineone.net
Fri, 1 Nov 2002 12:40:57 -0000

Just type MO in the search ( suche ) then you get( 65 MO hits in pop music )
with 2 choice's for the new album :

Capricornia -- Midnight Oil; Audio CD 17.99 euro

Capricornia [ENHANCED] [DOPPEL-CD = 2 disc ;o)] -- Midnight Oil; Audio CD
14.99 euro

Hope that Jeff ( or any other worker )will find out about that euro-tour
thing tonight.
Enjoy the gig peoples! :o)


Slogan for the day :

Oh how I wished I was still there....in the Q.... with the "Fremantle
Doctor" blowing through me hair.....;o)

NP. Meshell Ndegeocello - Cookie:The Anthropological Mixtape

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On Oct 31, The Oilman wrote:

> Anyone know why they have 2 different Capricornia CDs at 2 different
prices?? Can anyone read the German on the descriptions?

I think the release dates give away which is the German and which is
imported. Haven't got time to verify this at the minute, but I'm sure
that's what I thought when looking at it the other day.

Maurice R. Kelly

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