Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Human Endurance vs. Drugs, Alcohol, Touring, Sex with Farm Animals etc.

ALEXEI alexeis@usa.net
Sat, 29 Jun 2002 08:50:45 +0300

Come on, Dave, take it easy, don't bury anyone yet, including yourself.  The
limits of human endurance are unpredictable... somebody who consumes
cholesterol by spoonfuls may well outlive others, cautious about buying an
extra milligram of fat-containing food.  Surely, the rock culture has its
excesses, temptations, etc. but then, what walk of life doesn't?  Musicians
are not the only ones doing a lot of travel, and many of them treat touring as
not just an inexorable part of their lives, but also as a very pleasant and
natural thing to do... I'm not sure being a stay-at-home is healthier than
living through a constant stream of new, uplifting emotions, seeing new
countries, making small personal discoveries.  Physically tiring, yes, but who
knows the secret ways of Mr. Adrenalin?

Midnight Oil are in fine shape, from what I saw.  Bones looks... errr...
weathered but energy spills there as well.

I remember Rick Grossman to have said in a chat that John Entwistle was the
"driving force for me to start playing.  His bass sounded like a jet plane
taking off."


> It is simply the passing of the times.  All the drugs, travelling, etc do
> have a cumulative effect.  While drugs do not appear to be a factor for
> MidOil the others are inevitable.  I hope I go out before any MidOil
> members do...David A Brass  Bellingham, Washington