Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] RE: Lyrical Prowess

Dave Schultz dschultz29@hotmail.com
Thu, 27 Jun 2002 16:26:19 -0400

Hey everyone,

I've been having fun reading the responses (Travelling Wilburys!) & have 
also made a "must d-load a few sample tunes" list.

Here are my picks:

Noir Desir -a recent find; helps if you speak French, but brilliant     
political/social lyrics
idlewild (still) -new record out July 15th in UK, 23rd in N America.

long-time faves:
Robyn Hitchcock/ Soft Boys
   -hilarious, touching, brilliant, & very very english (ie. eccentric)*
   -dark, twisted, romantic, arch guitars, mewling singing, totally unique.
Wilco -the new record, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, is brilliant.
Afghan Whigs -ok, not the kind of "spiritual" lyrics you might've had in 
mind, but the best raunch n' roll (& later white soul) band of the '90s.
The Watchmen
    I've noticed quite a lot of Tragically Hip fans on this list; for them, 
I highly recommend this Winnipeg-based band. Same blues bar-band roots as 
the Hip, and also highly evocative lyrics, but more musically adventurous 
(particularly their last couple, Silent Radar & Slomotion).
The Hip have been treading water since '96's Trouble at the Henhouse, IMHO, 
& none of their stuff has really grabbed me since '94's Day for Night -& I 
was a huge Hip fan in the early 90s. But I'd still see 'em live anytime, 
though I haven't managed to since 97. Unfortunately, I'm gonna be in Calgary 
when they play Ottawa's Bluesfest, & I'll just (by hours!) miss them in 
Calgary (well, Camrose to be exact). Fortunately, at the Calgary Stampede 
I'll catch The Watchmen for the first time since 96, plus David Usher, Big 
Sugar, and Wide Mouth Mason (actually, Live is at Coyotes the same night as 
the David Usher gig- dilemma).
Bruce, are you going to the Stampede this year?

Cheers,                          Dave

*sample song titles:
Do Policemen Sing?
Sometimes I wish I was a Pretty Girl
My Favourite Buildings
Insanely Jealous
Sinister But She Was Happy
I often dream of trains (also title of his best record)
Kingdom of Love
My wife and my dead wife
Underwater Moonlight (also best Soft Boys record)

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