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[Powderworks] Tommy Emmanuel = Amazing

Tony D'Astolfo tonyis@the-loo.com
Mon, 24 Jun 2002 09:50:45 -0400

He was very entertaining and has a genuine spirit. My wife, who is
Australian, wanted to go see him and I was really not in the mood to go but
I'm extremely glad I did. What  a talent. I strongly suggest everyone go see
this guy, he like no other guitarist I've ever seen.
  He did do the "play two songs at once" which was very cool. He also gave a
brief class on how to play guitar like he does as well as how he uses his
guitar as a drum. He makes it look easy as he's explaining each bit then
puts it all together and blows your mind. Did he play Initiation when you
saw him, it was amazing.

 For those of you how don't know of him, check out his web site and take the
time to view some of his vidcaps on how he plays, it's cool.


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> At 20-06-02 03:22 PM -0400, Tony D'Astolfo wrote:
> >Went and saw Tommy Emmanuel last night at the Birchmere in Alexandria,
> >Virginia and was in awe the entire show. He is the most amazing guitarist
> >I've ever and will ever see. The show was very entertaining as well as
> >inspiring, he's a very down to earth guy. During the show I couldn't help
> >but wonder if he's ever done any work with The Oils. Anyone know?
> >
> don't think there's any Oils connections, but Tommy is definitely worth
> seeing.  he is one of those performers who will entertain you throughout
> the whole show even if you've never heard any of his stuff before.
> did he do the "play two songs at once" trick, or the "two people playing
> one guitar"?
> jeff...
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