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I'm enjoying reading these replies.

Mark Knopfler has done some wonderful post-Dire Straits solo work that is 
musically and lyrically rich.  His two solo albums, "Golden Heart" and 
"Sailing to Philadelphia," are in regular rotation at my house along with the 

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It's that time again...time to recommend your favorite bands to other =


I love music with good lyrics - intelligent, soulful, original, =

relevent, creative poetic lyrics. Unfortunately I know very few bands =

who live up to these standards. (namely MO and New Model Army...maybe a =

couple of others) Can anyone recommend something? Of course, the music =

itself has to be good too, not just the lyrics, or it's pointless.=20

Happy first day of summer to those in the Northern part of our planet, =

and happy first day of winter to those inhabitants of the Southern =

regions. :)=20