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[Powderworks] (NMOC) Lyrical prowess

Lina Yune midoil2001@yahoo.com.au
Sat, 22 Jun 2002 03:47:31 +1000 (EST)

Hi Varina,

Besides Oils, the other band that I was, and still am
following very closely is Steppenwolf.  They are now
called John Kay and Steppenwolf.  They are both
lyrically and musically excellent.  That's the band
who did the hit "Born To Be Wild".  Unfortunately,
that's the only song many people know them by.  They
have other, much better songs.  Some are political,
some deal with our everyday lives, some are just
funny, some are love, some hard rock, some very-very
bluesy. http://www.steppenwolf.com is their official
web-link.  They also have the fan-link where you can
type in your message, and it gets immediately posted.

Funny, Oils were brought up there few times because of
me and few other cross-fans who like both bands.  We
have some Wolf fans from Australia, and I just learned
this year, that in 1982 (or 1981) the Steppenwolf
played in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and I forgot
what other cities they said with Midnight Oil in the
same shows at a Hell's Angell's party, and they told
me there are many funny stories about the whole thing.

I just attended the Wolf-Fest in Nashville, that was a
fest for the Wolfpack members, it's like a very
private show, and we all party together, and many
people got to jam along.  We were allowed to bring
cameras and recording equipment, so I took many
pictures.  If you want to see them:

Unfortunately, that was the last wolf-fest, because,
according to their lead singer John Kay, he wants to
get involved more in politics.  He is on judiciary
board of the Freedom Forum with Ken Paulsen protecting
the right of the artists to a freedom of speech.

I find many similarities in the music of Steppenwolf
and Midnight Oil due to their political ideas, and
political interests.

Sorry for long rant, but it's Friday, and I am too
psyched up to see Oooooooiiiilsssss  so soon, and 2
times eh!

Born To Be Wild with Power and the Passion

 --- Serandipitey@aol.com wrote: > Hi,
> It's that time again...time to recommend your
> favorite bands to other Workers.
> I love music with good lyrics - intelligent,
> soulful, original, relevent, 
> creative poetic lyrics. Unfortunately I know very
> few bands who live up to 
> these standards. (namely MO and New Model
> Army...maybe a couple of others) 
> Can anyone recommend something? Of course, the music
> itself has to be good 
> too, not just the lyrics, or it's pointless.
> Happy first day of summer to those in the Northern
> part of our planet, and 
> happy first day of winter to those inhabitants of
> the Southern regions. :)
> Thanks,
> Varina




Concrete you don't free my soul... ...Midnight Oil

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