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[Powderworks] I haven't been able to read all the recent post s so I'm not sure whether this has been brought up bu

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Thats only because you were in Bardot werent you Krusty

>Why does it matter who the oils are playing with?  I would love to see
Billy Idol.  So excited about Garbage.  Ok so i have no time for Nickelback
but obviously people do caus their records sell.  
>Its a great way for the Oils to pick up new fans who are there to see
other bands.  I don't understand why people think their musical judgement
should be the same as the bands they like.  If the Oils decided to play
with Bardot I wouldnt care - its their decision.....
>  "Lane, Andrew" <Andrew.Lane@experko.chh.com> wrote: trav, you beat me
too it. by coincidence i am also out of the country very
>soon until early October. i initially was disappointed given i was not
>if i would make it back in time. but you know what? i couldnt give a shit.
>what the hell are the oils doing playing at colonial stadium with
>nickleback? i too havent missed an oils show in melbourne since 1987, but
>this is when i will be happy to miss. bring on more forum gigs!
>Andrew Lane
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>I'll be out of the country while these gigs are on and will miss the
>Melbourne gig by 1 day. I haven't missed a single Oils gig in Melbourne
>10 years....but I think that even if I was going to be around I wouldn't
>to this gig. I'm sorry, but seeing Nickelback and Billy Idol on the same
>stage as the Oils would be just too much for me to deal with. It just
>doesn't sit right with me....seems a very weird gig for the Oils to be a
>part of. Maybe Gary's judgement is starting to slip. 
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