Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] I haven't been able to read all the recent post s so I'm not sure whether this has been brought up bu

Tari, Vince fstariv1@nmhg.com
Wed, 19 Jun 2002 03:41:02 -0500

> trav, you beat me too it. by coincidence i am also out of the 
> country very
> soon until early October.  i initially was disappointed given 
> i was not sure
> if i would make it back in time.  but you know what?  i 
> couldnt give a shit.
> what the hell are the oils doing playing at colonial stadium with
> nickleback?  i too havent missed an oils show in melbourne 
> since 1987, but
> this is when i will be happy to miss.  bring on more forum gigs!
> Andrew Lane

This situation smacks of the now infamous Great Australian Bite tour with
INXS, which they thankfully  pulled the pin on.

IMHO, It just doesn't seem like the right mix of bands for the Oils to be
involved with. I'd much prefer them to play at festivals with a bit more
credibility, such as Homebake, Livid or Splendour in the Grass. And they
wouldn't be the first bunch of 40-somethings playing at such gigs.....eg.
New Order, Sonic Youth....it would also be a good opportunity to win over
some new young fans, as opposed to the Triple M crowd who probably like them