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[Powderworks] Re: Guitar parts (was Caprichordia)

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Sat, 15 Jun 2002 16:54:07 -0700 (PDT)

More axioms for the guitar obsessed. Delete now if
you're not stuck on Luritja Way, flogging your poor
guitar w/o mercy...

On Sat, 15 June 2002, Jeff and Jane Scott wrote

> i tihnk i mean the "thumpy percussive stuff"!  the
> very first bit of the song you hear, anyway.  also
> comes in at the end of each line in the verses.

Negatory, Jeffy. I meant the a-tonal literally
percussive muted strumming going on back of "There's no
turn-off to L'Way..." Both fellas/channels converge to
create a 12 strung 4 handed guitar part. Add the bass -
4 more strings, two hands, another head - and this
image gets weird. But it sounds so sweet, eh?

After a couple of hours of mauling and groping, this is
the best I could get hold of with my clumsy mitts:

Intro (main riff, IMO) is an E played by mashing all
but the bass string 2nd fret, and hammering an a to b
on the 3rd string with ring or pinky x2, then more
hammering of a d note (2nd string), pull off Db, b on
3rd string, etc. All of this takes place within the big
E(ish) chord formed on the 2nd fret. YOu can do it with
ringing e and b strings out on 7 and 9, but that makes
the little hammer pull thing a bit tricky. It sounds
better down low to my ears, but my clumsy paws make it
painful at times :)
~ snip!

> the chorus not much more - a B in there somewhere i
> think.

This also works: Bm ~ D/F# ~ E ~ Gmaj7: voicing the
last chord G bass, d on 2nd, Gb on 1st. This is the
part I was originally talking about as magic. I think
it's the rhythym : the sparse little shots that make it
so cool.

"gasoline junkies..." is straight ahead G ~ A ~ E, as
far as I can tell. Then the gorgeous little outro
sounds like a finger picking duel involving a normal G
chord with a Db - D note (2nd string) in the pattern.

cheers and happy callousing,  :)


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