Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Re: Guitar parts (was Caprichordia)

Jeff and Jane Scott jscott@iinet.net.au
Sat, 15 Jun 2002 13:53:12 +0800

At 14-06-02 10:22 AM -0700, fish_oil@space.com wrote:
>Caution: contains guitar-infected musings that normal
>Workers likely don't give a rip about...
>On Fri, 14 June 2002, Jeff and Jane Scott wrote
> > I just can't get the main riff for Luritja Way no
> > matter how many times I watch the Chapel video!
>~ snip!
>I'm  thinking it's Jim in the left channel, during the
>verses anyway, doing that thumpy percussive stuff on a
>dobro, or a tightly compressed small bodied guitar.
>It's awesome. And Martin? doing the ringing chord bits,
>right side, most notable during the 'ahhh....ahhh ....
>I'm reaching out to you' part.

if i'm understanding correctly what you mean by the "thumpy percussive 
stuff", then on the Chapel show it was played by Martin.  (and at other 
shows recently according to Julian's post)

>Jeff, which part are you referring to as the main riff
>in L'Way?

i tihnk i mean the "thumpy percussive stuff"!  the very first bit of the 
song you hear, anyway.  also comes in at the end of each line in the verses.

other than that bit, the verses are just E and A chords, and the chorus not 
much more - a B in there somewhere i think.

while i'm on the subject, Matt i had a go at your Tone Poem this 
morning.  In the "willing victim" bit you have A5 C5 G5 G5, i reckon the 
second G should be a D.  (making it basically the same chords as the other 
chorus parts.)  also, the "tearing up your ticket" bit that is Em  F#m,  I 
make the F#m a D as well (probably a D/F# in fact).  other than that it all 
works for me!