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[Powderworks] Re: NMOC: SOCCER !!!

Megan Fitzgerald MeganF@diabetesnsw.com.au
Thu, 13 Jun 2002 09:01:14 +1000

I'm not a soccer fan but I forced to watch the game with my boy (Italian).  Not a big fan but I couldn't help yelling at the TV in the last 4mins.  Italy was definitely ripped off.
AND they were doing so well....


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>>> "Tari, Vince" <fstariv1@nmhg.com> 06/13/02 08:34am >>>
Well both my parents were born in Italy (i'm Sydney born), so i am forced to
follow them due to Australia not being there.
And I thought we were thoroughly ripped off against Croatia on Saturday ;).
I think that linesman over-indulged in the pre-game saki (sp?).

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Vamos Mexico!!! I mean, no one really wants to se "Gli Azurri" go through,
do you? (Any Italianos on the list? :-))
/Herman - who loves pasta and pizza but not Italian football-divas