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[Powderworks] why MP3?

Terry Johnson tenacious@cyberback.com
Wed, 12 Jun 2002 16:04:50 -0500

Even bad quality is better off with a lossless compression.  I would love to
see the show uploaded to the ftp site in .shn format.  I can hear the
compression even at 256 kbps... 320kbps is good enough for my ears, but
anything lower makes me ill.

If you (or anyone else) decide to upload something, I would appreciate the
highest quality possible.


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I have noticed that many shows are being uploaded and shared as MP3.
I am well aware of the benefits of mp3 but the normal practice in
trading circles is to avoid it due to its lossy compression.
considering we are talking about low quality sources in general,
that seems a valid point. is there a reason why shows ar enot being
circulated as SHN or CDA?


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