Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Re: Help wanted with textual dysfunction.NMOC

Maurice R. Kelly mkelly@deadheart.org.uk
Tue, 11 Jun 2002 20:01:52 +0100 (BST)

On Jun 11, fish_oil@space.com wrote:

> Thanks for bringing this up. About 1/3 of the messages
> I receive from the list now have question marks at the
> end of every sentence. When I go to reply to these
> posts, the text is transformed into some kind of
> smegma. And then often my responses are invisible when
> posted to the list (not a bad thing, per se.) So, how
> does one post all responses in 'plain text format' as
> Maurice suggested?

It all depends on your client. I took a look at your mail headers, and the
say that your mail client is "Web-Mail." I never use any form of webmail
unless I am completely stuck so I can't advise on how to turn off HTML or
rich-text formatted mail from such clients.

Any decent mailer should present you with the option to turn off
HTML/rich-text for all mail, or simply for individual messages. I know
this can be done in Outlook, and Outlook Express, and Mozilla/Netscape 

> Sorry if this question seems
> idiotic, but I don't want to be accused of sending
> bloated, buggy or dangerous messages to anybody I
> like...

Sorry, I should have clarified that statement before sending. HTML
formatted mail is a pain because it does not aim at the lowest common
denominator - plain text. It causes unnecessary bloat for mail messages as
it often encoded in HTML and plain text - at least doubling the original
message. HTML mail can also be exploited by virus writers to help
propagate email worms through security holes in certain mail clients.

I'm not accusing anyone of sending such messages - it's just the side
effect of using software that is usually the most user-friendly.

Gotta be careful here - I have strong opinions about HTML and exactly
where it belongs, so I don't want to offend! ;-)


Maurice R. Kelly