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[Powderworks] Manly Vale 1980

jccuneo@mail.bellsouth.net jccuneo@mail.bellsouth.net
Tue, 11 Jun 2002 08:58:23 -0500

>I've just got my hands on the Manley Vale 1980 show and I'm not sure about 
>the date.
>Is it 12 June or 6 December?

December 6, 1980.

Take care.


>Another problem caused by different date formats!
>Also regarding closing tracks, the Oils are masters at it. Everyone is a 
>winner. No-one has mentioned Sometimes yet, maybe because Gunbarrel 
>Highway is the closer on the CD, but when I bought the vinyl copy on the 
>day of its release I was blown away by what I figured was the best way to 
>close an album ever: Sometimes!
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