Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] July 4 Chicago Show

Cynthia Kalisz ckarat@hotmail.com
Sat, 08 Jun 2002 09:12:59 -0500

I've been waiting for WXRT to promo the show. Early Friday morning I heard 
my first mention of the July 4 show and then they played Golden Age. This 
morning they did the same.  The show starts at 3pm.  Not sure yet what time 
admittance to the pavilion starts.  But sitting at an Oils show??  In the 
past it's always been broadcast live, so hoping that's still the case.  The 
station last I checked was not on www.  First row of seats starts about 20 
feet from the stage and the band will be back some footage yet from the 
front of the stage.  It's quite a large stage since they do fit a symphony 
up there. I'm sure it will be all great fun and so great to see and hear the 
band again live.
Hopefully the flower baskets across the front of the stage will have some 
living foliage - I better call my district rep!

I had posted some comments about the May 23 Philly show but from an 
alternate email address - whoops - so it didn't hit the list. Mainly it said 
Martin totally ripped it up in Philly as sole guitarist on 2 songs. He was 
amazing. When Bones sings on Luritja Way I pretty much stop moving and stop 
breathing to listen - so sweet.

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