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[Powderworks] Any UK reports ?

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Mon, 3 Jun 2002 13:16:39 GMT

This seems like a good time to break out of lurk mode and contribute to the 

The Fierce Festival was the first time that I've managed to see the Oils, and 
whilst I'd prefer to see them in a small venue at a dedicated concert, the 
festival wasn't a bad way to start. The crowd was predominantly Australian and 
gave all the Aussie band a good welcome. Spiderbait and Regurgitator went down 
well, I didn't really see any of the other Aussie bands. Non Oils highlights 
for me were Drum Drum, and the London Maori Group.

As for the Oils, well, they were just superb. A lot of the crowd didn't appear 
to be big Oils fans, but the boys soon had them eating out of the palm of 
their hands. From the opening cow sounds and Advance Australia Fair through to 
the close the place rocked. Predictably, Dead Heart and Short Memory got the 
biggest cheers, less predictably they didn't play Beds (much to the 
disappointment of my wife - a non Oils fan who says it's one of the few tracks 
that she really knows!) Due to local council curfews, the set was far shorter 
than I'd have liked, but hopefully it's just a taster for a full show later in 
the year.

Set list (as best I can remember):

Advance Australia Fair (instrumental)
Redneck Wonderland
Too Much Sunshine
Lucky Country
Luritja Way
Short Memory
Now or Neverland
Blue Sky Mine
Say your Prayers
Golden Age
Kong of the Mountain
River Runs Red
Only the Strong
The Dead Heart


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> London workers,
> Very keen to know how the boys went at the Fierce Festival on the weekend
> just passed (anyone know how the festival got it's name ?)
> Also interested to see how the several young Aussie bands also on the same
> bill went.
> cheers,
> vince
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