Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Interesting Observations from Paris

ALEXEI alexeis@usa.net
Mon, 03 Jun 2002 11:51:02 +0300

Well, back home, and succumbing to the wish to post a couple of interesting
observations from the concert, rather than a description a la Dumas.

1. I think the guys themselves like some songs more than others.  I saw their
faces light up when they played Golden Age, Bullroarer, Forgotten Years.... 
And I don't think I was projecting any radiance on their visages from my own
effervescent inside.  That said, I fully admit that the energy overspills
throughout the show.  It's just this "will-never-be-bored-to-play-it" kind of
look on the faces...

2.  Positions on stage.  The more energetic center (Peter, Bones, Rob) and the
more reserved, seemingly even phlegmatic wings (Martin and Jim).  Was it the
same in the U.S./Canada?  Has it always been like this?

3.  Martin does sing!  To himself, and always only the beginning of a phrase.

4.  Bones lost the tempo on one song and looked back at Rob and nodded

5.  Before plunging into a solo lick or riff, Martin opens his mouth as if to
inhale deeply and seemingly holds his breath for a while.

6.  Bones was a little... ummm... inebriated on his way out of the venue, and
his signature on the Hunting Party CD is only intermittent scratches.

But by God!  What a group!  What a heaven-sent combination of melody, harmony,
musicianship, mood, attitude, personal charm etc.!