Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Paris Show -- Too Tear-Stained to Write :-)

ALEXEI alexeis@usa.net
Sun, 02 Jun 2002 17:38:46 +0300

Hi everyone,

I am writing from on the way back home from Paris to the dullness of everyday
worries, work, and grim prospects of seeing the Oils any time soon again. 
Where will my refuge be for the near future?  Obviously in the memories from
the concert, as well as before and after it.  I was so impatient to see if any
of the pictures that I took during the concert were any worth at all, that I
had the films developed and prints made the next day.  I have like twenty of
them, with up to five living up to professional standards--not due to my skill
or the camera, but the wonderful coincidences of lighting on stage, Peter's
and other's postures, etc.  Surprisingly, the heads and hands in front of me
are not at all annoying...

Do I want to write a report?  As of right now, my maiden Midnight Oil concert
seems to be a personal discovery of such magnitude... very much like near
complete ignorance--touch this flower and the blossom's gone. One thing for
sure: listening to the Oils on CD will never be the same again, I will forever
harbor this feeling of a very special belonging and exposure.

It was interesting to read the Bullroarer string...  it's my all-time Oils
favorite, and I chose this name to go by in my own music endeavors quite some
time ago.  Now working on a CD (songs and instrumentals fifty-fifty),
tentatively called "Themes and Buddies".  So, if you ever stumble upon a CD by
Bullroarer, sitting idly in a box "1 CD - 1 cent, 5 CDs - 3 cents" :-), it
will very probably be me.  Don't be scroogy--buy five! :-)

Ok, almost time to hop on the train.

Feels like I've just parted with someone very dear to me.  Oh well, it will

Take care, all.  Special regards and best wishes to all who I met in Paris.