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[Powderworks] NMOC: Australian Music Database

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> For those who still have strength left from the "Yes, let's go/No, let's
> discussion (aka Forum), my offer to assist in something far less
> I'm beginning what one may call real work on a database of Australian
> after years of gathering information and collecting CDs.  I opted for MS
> Access as the storage/processing tool for reasons of easy connectivity to
> other MS products, widely used.  (I could enter all data in Oracle but I
> want to spend more time on designing the interface than it deserves.)
> The initial concept of the database was to be a cross reference tool to
> the user quickly and efficiently find information about a musician/group
> (e.q., N. played such and such instruments in band X, sessioned in for
band D,
> produced so and so etc.)  The idea has evolved since its inception, but
> that I have actually started entering data, it becomes increasingly
> that I may still be overlooking things that absolutely require inclusion.
> Currently, the fields are:
> 1. Act (musician or group)
> 2. Genre (boogie, rock, ambient....)
> 3. Years (formed, disbanded, adjourned...)
> 4. Place (e.q., Canberra, moved Sydney)
> 5. Musicians (all the names I can find, including session players)
> 6. Connections (side projects, producing others, name-changing...)
> 7. Discography (I absolutely don't want to do it because I simply won't be
> able to keep up with it, but that's probably the first thing others will
> for... guess it's a must)
> 8. Highest chart entry (album or single, Oz, US, GB, NZ....)
> 9. Web site (official first), contact info
> I welcome suggestions about what else may or should be included.  It can't
> something very ambitious, like the above-mentioned discography... but if
> something doable and raising the efficiency and value of this whole
> drop me a line off-forum (sorry, list)
> Alexei
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