Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] We should maybe move powderworks to a forum

Jussi Korhonen jussihk@kolumbus.fi
Sun, 28 Jul 2002 22:06:52 +0300

At 19:16 28.7.2002 +0200, Björn wrote:

I really like forums too, and would like to see Powderworks on a forum.. 
but I don't mind the mailing list format either as the current format works 
just great since most posters on the list post when I'm asleep - this way I 
can just read my email in the morning to catch up with the discussion. But 
other than that, I find mailing lists to be an obsolete form of 
communication.. something that was between BBSes and web based forums.

> > >>Rakastaai han maainen, seka kantaai rakas heitan hei tahtille taivassa.
> >Brian, why Finnish? Jussi, what???

Something about the sky and love, but it's not completely readable if it's 
Finnish :)