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[Powderworks] Madison stations

Tom Giffey tom.giffey@web1.ecol.net
Tue, 16 Jul 2002 17:07:37 -0500

Actually, UW-Madison finally does have a station (as of February). It is called WSUM-FM (91.7) and can be reached at (608)265-WSUM. Based on the crowd at the Barrymore show on Thursday, Madison is a strong Oils town. I don't think it would hurt to call and make a request. If they don't have any of the new stuff, maybe someone on the "Street Team" can send them a single or two? Just an idea...


PS -- My long-awaited (haha) gig reports on Madison and Minneapolis will be coming soon, as will my girlfriend's first impressions of the Oils (preview: I think she's in love with Peter).

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From: Analyzr <analyzr@tds.net>
Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2002 11:30:30 -0500

>2 other stations are possibilities:  WMAD / 92.1 / 274-5450 ("alt rock"), and
>WZEE / 104.1 / 281-0436 ("continuous hits") .  They may laugh, but that's life.
>I'm not sure if UW has a station.  That would be worth a try.
>WMMM is a better match, but it may not hurt for these other stations to hear
>from folks.  Maybe they can be educated.