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SV: [Powderworks] Sour grapes

Kate Adams kate@dnki.net
Sun, 14 Jul 2002 14:22:47 -0400

<throwing bucket of cyberchilled virtual water on Rhonda and Bjorn's heads>

Yikes guys - what's with this outbreak of love here!

Can't we discuss world cup soccer AND the music AND the lyrics AND life, 
the universe, and everything without disrespecting each other?  That's what 
subject lines are for - when used properly, they allow us to simply hit the 
'delete' key to screen out another guitar pedal or dry dusty place or 
soccer discussion.  The bandwidth ain't all that bad on this list.

Here, take this chill pill. ----> (===) <---- Its good for ya.

At 11:49 AM 7/14/02 -0400, Rhonda wrote:
>Bjorn Blomquist wrote:
> > Not the best day of my life...
>I'm sorry to hear that....nothing personal, just try not to take it out
>on the rest of us.
> > Haha, I can almost guarantee there won't be any "incessant" soccer 
> discussions here, at least not from me, until the next World Cup (2006)! 
> By the way, we had our share of off-list WC discussions as well.
>Perhaps there's an alt.soccer.worldcup.endlessdiscussions newsgroup out
>there to which it can be taken at that time?
> > But hey, don't you know that "Football [or any other sport you're 
> obsessed with] is not a matter of life and death, it's more important 
> than that." (unknown philosopher)
>I'm not 'obsessed' with any sport, although I do enjoy several, mainly
>baseball & hockey.  Soccer is one I'd much rather play than watch.
>Watching guys hoofing each other in the cojones is only interesting for
>so long.
> > > If certain people's posts annoy you, use a message filter.
> > Then I'd miss when they post something relevant...
>OK, guess you'll just have to be patient with all the "irrelevant"
>discussions then.
> > > And have a nice weekend.  ;-)
> >
> > Thanks. Then I wish you a bad one! ;-)
>Too late, dude. :-P  I'm having a wonderful weekend.  If you're so
>annoyed with Capricornia not being released in Europe yet, why not just
>order from Whammo.com.au?  I ordered several cd's from them in the
>spring (including Capricornia) and was very pleased with their service.
>No use whining when there's such a simple solution.
>Like I said, nothing personal.
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