Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Oils In Chicago July 4th

Cynthia Kalisz ckarat@hotmail.com
Sat, 06 Jul 2002 12:04:41 -0500

I had so much fun - fun show, great performance.  Lots of great harmonizing, 
often 4-part.  Was I delerious with heatstroke or did Martin sing a few 
words with Bones on one song?  I don't remember which song.  I'll blame that 
on the high heat and humidity, but at least it wasn't raining.  I got there 
about noon.  Maybe 20 people in front of me.  I got to hear half-hour sound 
check.   Four songs, I remember Lucky Country and Warakurna and opening to 
Redneck several times.  The line dwindled - people with extra tickets were 
giving them away to those at the head of the line.  The sponsors had been 
giving away tickets - just meant you got in the seating area between 1:30 - 
2:30.  Then the line for those without tix would be let in.  About 2PM I was 
the first in line and got a ticket.  Pavilion pretty full at the front, but 
I walked around asking for a seat. A guy saving 2 seats for himself offered 
me a seat - 3rd row and right of middle section.  It was quite excellent.  I 
was really close!!!  I was so lucky!!!  And the 3 guys in that row were very 
nice.  They had backstage wristbands and where supposed to get a pic taken 
with the band right after the show.  So they left before the encore to make 
sure they were at the appointed place at the appointed time. I hope it 
worked out for them - they were very excited about it.  A few Oils fans from 
St. Louis behind us and at least 4 more from parts unknown in the row in 
front of us. I think some of the band members got a kick out of us dancing 
around and singing along???

Bones was sitting off to the left side of the stage for quite a while 
watching all the people come in.

Peter was playful.  At one point he plucked a large pink bloom from the 
flower box at front of the stage and put it behind his right ear.  The 
petals began to fall off and he laughed and shrugged his shoulders.  He did 
go into a lengthy speech about the transport and dumping of nuclear waste 
and specifically in our area. At one point I believe he said God Damn.  I 
wonder if that was broadcast or if the station was in commercial mode.  I 
don't think they broadcast with a few seconds delay so it couldn't have been 
bleeped. It was unbelievable when he jumped off stage, put his fingers to 
his lips ssshhhing us, ran all the way back to the sound booth and climbed 
on top.  What a sight, with that long sleeve red shirt, arms waving 
frantically.  I didn't hear about the first third of The Dead Heart, but 
then the sound kicked in.  Most of the crowd stood on their chairs and had 
their backs to the band.  I kept looking back at the band - steadfastly 
playing on, but chuckling a bit.

Truganini (my fav) was the best I ever heard.  We got Put Down That Weapon 
and Lucky Country - more treats from the Capricornia tours.  Seemed a very 
high level of concentration from all the guys, but entire band seemed to be 
having fun. Lots of interaction and smiles amongst themselves. Tons of 
smiles for the audience, especially from Rob.  Got three or so of those 
forward hops from Jim, numerous smiles and waves to the audience as he left 
stage after set and encore.  Martin, what can I say, he was on fire the 
entire show - totally awesome performance IMHO.

After the show I waited where the performers come out to the buses and where 
they can come up the stairs to chat and sign stuff. Unfortunately most of 
the space was taken up by the mobile sound truck.  There was a small group 
with backstage wristbands actually in the outside VIP area down below.  They 
surrounded the band pretty much when they came out. Peter seemed to be 
getting the most attention.  Probably because he was interacting the most 
with the small crowd. He was in a great mood.  I didn't see any autographs 
being signed buy anyone, but I could be wrong. I'm sure they were exhausted 
from the heat and show and an hour of meet and greet downstairs in the 
Pavilion. Bones did came up the stairs to sign a photo.  A guy was with his 
little boy and the pic was a beautiful color 8x10 he had taken of Bones and 
the boy standing in front of Bones.  Then the little boy was waving a 
drumstick and Rob came over to sign the drumstick.  Nice gestures.  But then 
they took off quickly to get in the van. Oh, I went up front at the show and 
took 3 photos with flash.  I hope I didn't annoy them, ooohhh.  The Pavilion 
overhang made it shady so I thought I needed the flash.

Everyone enjoy the rest of the shows.

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