Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Powderworkers of Utah

Jeremy Oviatt joviatt@bowg.com
Thu, 28 Feb 2002 12:24:43 -0700

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Just a thought...

I had heard that Liquid8 records wants to target the following two =
stations in Utah for airtime of "Golden Age".  Both of which are known to =
play midnight oil regularly.  If you get a chance give them a call or =
email them and request to hear the Oil's NEW stuff.  A little listener =
support won't hurt.

KENZ 107.5 the end
470-1075 Utah County Area
570-1075 Salt Lake County
670-1075 Weber/Davis County
1-801-570-1075 Outside of Wasatch Front=20

KRCL 90.9 FM
Station (801) 363-1818 =20
Fax (801) 533-9136 =20
On-Air (801) 359-9191 =20
Toll-free (800) 359-9191=20

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Subject: Midnight Oil Street Team
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 09:36:23 -0600
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Hello to all!!

Good news, first week of Capricornia sales were very encouraging!  Were are
getting great radio spins around the United States.  A special thank you to
all of you who responded to my last e-mail.  I received very helpful
information about retail stock levels on Capricornia.  Your radio calls
helped as well.  On R&R radio chart Golden Age is ranked at #25, right below
Lenny Kravitz and above Bonnie Raitt!  

I need additional help.  Please continue to call your radio station
requesting Golden Age!  Specifically, we need more calls in the following
areas to these stations:		

KXST	San Diego, CA
KBCO	Denver-Bolder, CO
WXRT	Chicago, IL
KINK	Portland, OR
KENZ	Salt Lake City, UT
KRCL	Salt Lake City, UT
KMTT	Seatle, WA

If you are located near these stations, please take a moment to phone in
your request to play Golden Age!  

Looking forward to your e-mail responses!!

Thank you again for your help.