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[Powderworks] Re: San Fran 2001 and Chicago query

graw Graeme.R.Wyllie.1@nd.edu
Thu, 28 Feb 2002 12:48:46 -0500

>Capricorns and others,
>The San Fran 2001 tree'd discs going around contain extra tracks on disc
>two from Newtown Theatre 18 July 2000.  Excellent quality, much better than
>State Theatre, Chris Abrahams keyboard work shimmers brilliantly
>throughout.   Some different tracks to what were broadcast on Pay TV in
>Australia, so I'm curious as to what the source might be.  Any clues?  The
>traders that have the full show may wish to speculate for the benefit of us
>all.  Unfortunately what was building to be an massive version of PatP is
>cut short.  On well.  This is the show where PG lost his voice but he
>battled on regardless.

Any chance any exceedingly generous member of the tree would be able 
to burn me a copy of the SF discs. I'll recomp you with postage 
and/or blanks as requested.
Email me off list if you want to be the good samaritan since I missed 
the original offer if there was one

Also does anyone have any details about the 4th of July chicago show 
- is this an open stage or ticketed or whatever?


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