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[Powderworks] Steering Wheel Drumming

Heather Myers SydneyGB@fast.net
Wed, 27 Feb 2002 19:02:01 -0500

I, too, am an in-car drummer.  I also air-drum to a certain extent while in
the car.  When and if I ever get a real kit, I'm going to have a problem,
because I (obviously) have to do the bass pedal with my left foot, as the
right one is busy driving.  But it's so fun!  I was afraid my airbag would
go off for a while, then I figured it would only go off if the front of the
car was hit, so it shouldn't (I hope) matter if I bang on the steering
wheel.  ::crosses fingers and turns up the volume::

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> Glad someone else does it-I thought I was some sort of a deviate...

No, no, no...no element of deviation at all. I'm also guilty of playing the
steering wheel drum to Oils tunes whilst driving !!

If you hit it on the right spot, you can get the keys to jangle in unison so
they sound almost like a high-hat cymbol. Hurts your fingers when it's cold

Also attracts strange looks from other drivers at traffic lights.