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[Powderworks] Capricornia Car Crash

West, Mike MWest@expressfashion.com
Tue, 26 Feb 2002 10:22:32 -0500

Hi Phil-

Glad someone else does it-I thought I was some sort of a deviate...

I found that I can almost get that snare drum sound of "Underwater" 
on the bottom edge of a 1996 Tracker/Vitara steering wheel- I guess it's
the way people on steel drums can get different sounds playing different
Could this be a start of a career? Let's get an agent to get us all on

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> Subject: 	Re: [Powderworks] Capricornia Car Crash
> Mike writes:
> >>I have a very bad habit of drumming along on my >>steering wheel and 
> >>I swear one of these days my airbag will deploy!
> That is hilarious because I do the exact same thing and I guess I can do
> it pretty well (a pretty worthless talent but a talent nonetheless)
> because a friend of mine recently commented that he has never seen anyone
> use different parts of the steering wheel for different sounds. I guess
> after years of driving and drumming onecan get pretty good at it.
> Phil