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[Powderworks] frustrating buying experience

John Palmer snoopy7110@home.com
Tue, 19 Feb 2002 19:00:37 -0500

I went to Best Buy first, & they didn't have any it looked like, so I went
to Cicuit City & they had it for $13.99, but then I was even happier when I
got to the register and it was really $11.99 :)!!!


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> Just got back from picking up the new release.
> First went to Circuit City since I read here that they would have a
> decent price.  No sign of it and no one around to help.  I even found
> the MO section (it had 1 D&D 1 20K RSL and 1 BSM) but it wasn't
> there.  Went a few shops over to Borders.  They had it, for $17.99.
> Since I knew Circuit City was supposed to have it, I went back,
> determined to find someone to ask.  On my 3rd person, they knew what
> I was talking about and had seen it earlier.  After a bit of
> sarching, we found it a couple aisles over.  The clerk filed the
> discs appropriately.
> I noticed that the Borders version was in the traditional jewel case,
> but the circuit city one was in the cardboard case.  This one has the
> EPK on it, don't know if the other one does or not.  The EPK is very
> cool.  The video quality is high, I was able to play it at full
> screen without any pixelation.
> Now it's time to listen to the music!
> Hope everyone else has an easier time finding it.
> Kevin
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