Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Metro 19th Feb

Tari, Vince fstariv1@nmhg.com
Tue, 19 Feb 2002 16:41:04 -0600

WOW !!! What a show. I've never seen the guys happier to be on stage than
they are right now. Even the usually reserved Jim, was laughing & smiling
all the way through. Hell, Martin even slipped a few do-do-do-do-dos into a
microphone during TDH !!! Rob just gave 110% and was justifiably buggered at
the end of the show. And Bones, well the guy has an amazing voice and his
bass playing was flawless.

PG was at his verbal best, taking some well earned pot shots at our nation's
leader for issues ranging from the current boat people crisis (just how
relevant is Ships Of Freedom right now ?) to the fact that he was one of
only 3 people in the stadium that  didn't acknowledge the significance of
the Oils' Olympic performance

The crowd was one of the best Oils crowds i've ever been part of and I think
the Oils quite visibly fed off the enthusiasm, judging by the fact that they
didn't want to leave the stage. So if you were there, thanks for
contributing to such a great atmosphere.


Here's the setlist from memory, so the order may not be exactly right

Mosquito March	
Too Much Sunshine	
Written In The Heart	(YES !!!!!!)
(Rob up front)
Lurlitja Way	
Ships Of Freedom (very rare live track)
Time To Heal 	
Beds Are Burning	
Blue Sky Mine	
Say Your Prayers	
Been away too long	
Golden Age	
King Of The Mountain	
The Dead Heart
Redneck Wonderland	
Read About It	
In The Valley (PG & JM only)
Forgotten Years