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[Powderworks] What's a Wobbleboard (and why is it being smashed?)

Phil L. FIL-Racing@iinet.net.au
Fri, 15 Feb 2002 21:40:42 +0800

Marianne Gardner wrote:

> I actually have a wobbleboard! It's a round piece of wood placed on a dome
> shape; it's used, especially by runners, to strengthen the ankles. I tell
> you, I sometimes do slow lunges on it and I feel like smashing it, lol!
> HTH.

Thats not the wobbleboard that the oils are referring to.... the wobble board
is a sheet of plastic that you hold the sides of and it makes a kind of
wobble-wobble sound.... used by rolf harris as a musical instrument in the
70's and 80's....

Smashing the wobbleboard i beleive refers to the overseas image of australian
music that the oils were often confronted with that australian music = rolf
harris and ac/dc...

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