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[Powderworks] Us forces video

Rumor63@aol.com Rumor63@aol.com
Sat, 2 Feb 2002 00:49:01 EST

   I have an old performance from the Alan Thicke show....(Thicke of the 
night) Of Power and the Passion where Peter dances with the L.A.Rams 
cheerleaders at the end!!!  It is priceless...but the other performance I had 
on the tape got taped over sadly....... Read About it-  Pete was dancing in 
his newspaper jumpsuit.... and on the floor of the studio there was 
newspapers all over.... He LIT the newspapers on fire right there on the 
stage!!!  ON T.V.!!!!!!   The whole stage went up in flames and they blocked 
the screen so you couldnt see... but you could see people running in from all 
sides trying to get control over it.....Pete kept dancing and the band kept 
playing!!!   Best of all I got to ask Peter about it.... He laughed and said 
they were on the phone within seconds calling "Big Wigs" but they somehow got 
away with it .......  Who wants to argue with the likes of the Oils?  Im sure 
theyve gotten away with alot!!!   God Bless them.        Best,  Linda