Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] What goes on?!?!?

The Mattrix soberman_69@hotmail.com
Thu, 05 Dec 2002 12:53:17 -0500

All you beautiful, musical people,

     What is happening in the world on Midnight Oil?  First, I get a 
postcard in the mail from my local Borders books saying that can't complete 
my order for DTS Capricornia...huh?  They say it is "NOT YET READY at the 
publisher and no due date has been given".  Hummmm.
     Then, I try to reorder the German Cap from Amazon.de, my first attempt 
being qite accidentally diverted to Usbekistan...and it wo't allow me to 
complete the order.  I have three copies in my cart, have selected proper 
address on file, and I keep getting "**Bitte korrigierin Sie unten die 
markieren Bereiche**, and, under each item, "Leider hat der oden angefuhrte 
eine begrenzte Bestellmange.  Bitte verringern Sie die Bestellmenge."  Say 
what?  Anybody?  Yasmin? Andre?  WHY WON'T THEY TAKE MY MONEY!!  (I'm 
getting antsy, two of these are gifts.)
      And, of course, the Peter thing.  A Co-worker joked to me how he heard 
a DJ saying "dozens of midnight oil fans will now be upset that they won't 
release any more one-hit CDs."  Needless to say, I was livid. Hope I don't 
eventually lose my job over this...
     What is going on in the world of Midnight Oil?   Oh, and didn't I read 
somewhere that they were going to contribute a track to a "Free Tibet" CD?  
Or was it just a dream...

Am I so confused(?),

Matt Mesina, who can't take the hands from his face

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