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[Powderworks] dumb NMOC

Jussi Korhonen jussihk@kolumbus.fi
Fri, 23 Aug 2002 21:45:37 +0300

Janice wrote:

 >For all you activists out there, in case you haven't heard, our wonderful 
U.S. "president", George "dumya" Bush, has decided that the solution for 
preventing forest >fires is to cut down the trees!

That's a brilliant plan - cutting down the trees guarantees the damn things 
won't spontaneously burst into flames ever again. Getting rid of the 
forests also makes is possible to build more golf courses, and especially 
freeways. I've read that trees grow back when cut down - so it would make 
sense to cover the area with asphalt. That'd guarantee a safe future for 
our children, and people would be able to live in a safe environment where 
natural hazards such as squirrels and nightingales won't cause problems. I 
read somewhere that there are more trees than people in the world - time to 
sharpen our axes so we can change that horror. Forests are a natural 
resource which means they must be exploited - they don't benefit anyone if 
they just grow vertically.

It would also be possible to link the forest fires with international 
affairs - it wouldn't be hard to arrange the discovery of yet another 
Suspicious Videotape(tm) where nasty looking people discuss their secret 
but videotaped plans to burn some wood.